Water Knows No Boundaries

The Bexar County Flood Control Program is a 10-year, $500 Million capital improvement program that was established by the Bexar County Commissioners Court in 2007. The program is designed to address flooding from a regional perspective, rather than by political or jurisdictional boundaries, and is the result of a partnership between Bexar County, the San Antonio River Authority, the City of San Antonio and 20 suburban cities, known as the Bexar Regional Watershed Management.

Bexar County Flood Control Capital Improvement Projects

Bexar County is investing $500 million over 10 years to build approximately 50 flood control projects across our community. View the interactive map to learn more about projects near you.

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Bexar County says flood control projects working

by: Garret Brnger
April 20, 2016

Laddie Place Flood Control Project Nearly Complete

TWC News
by Alese Underwood
March 22, 2016

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Project Spotlight

Laddie Place RSWF Phase III

  • Location Map

    Location Map

  • SA2_061412_Concrete Slabs

    SA2_061412_Concrete Slabs

  • SA2_100413_Slabs around Trees

    SA2_100413_Slabs around Trees

  • SA2_111114_Southeast Pond

    SA2_111114_Southeast Pond

  • SA2_112313_Northwest pond

    SA2_112313_Northwest pond

  • SA22_101013_Site Photo (3)

    SA22_101013_Site Photo (3)

  • SA2_091914_Site Photo

    SA2_091914_Site Photo

  • SA2_091914_Site Photo_Bridge

    SA2_091914_Site Photo_Bridge

  • SA2_090915_Sidewalks_Fredericksburg Rd

    SA2_090915_Sidewalks_Fredericksburg Rd

  • SA2_090915_Block Area Along Gardina

    SA2_090915_Block Area Along Gardina

  • SA2_090915_SE Pond

    SA2_090915_SE Pond


The scope of this project includes the construction of a Regional Storm Water Facility (RSWF) at the old Northwest Shopping Center to alleviate the flooding that occurs at the corner of Gardina Street and Fredericksburg Road as well as downstream along Kampmann Blvd to the Woodlawn Lake area. The City of San Antonio has constructed the Laddie Place I and Laddie Place II Detention Ponds but additional relief is required. The project will also include a recreational area for public use and enjoyment.

Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) 02/15/18

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